Bollywood celebrities who were addicted to drugs

Recently Sanjay Dutt revealed that there was a time when he was addicted towards drugs. Let me tell you, in 1981 Sanjay Dutt's first film 'Rocky' was released and his age was 22. Then Vidhata (1982) was a superhit film. On one hand, his career got a good start and second he went to jail in 1982 for 5 months for keeping the drugs. Then his father Sunil Dutt helped him from his trouble life. To get rid of such things, Sunil Dutt got him a special treatment in Rehab center in the USA. Then after 3 years in 1985, he was back with the film 'Jaan Ki Baazi'. Well there are, any celebs apart from Sanjay Dutt, who were drug addicts. One of them was a Geetanjali Nagpal. She used to walk with Sushmita Sen on the ramp. She was a very famous model, but her name was linked with slander. She was addicted to drugs that she worked as a maid and even slept with many people. In her last days, she was seen begging on the streets of Delhi. Bollywood rockstar Ranbir Kapoor has accepted to a news channel that he was addicted to drugs. During this Interview, he said that he used to smoke in his film school. The Same story is of Renu Rathi. She was also a model. And there was a time when she was throw out of the house by his house owner. She was not able to live her dreams. It is said that she was so addicted to drugs that she was not able to control herself. When anyone talks about the film 'Run', then everybody remembers the character of Vijay Raaj. He has worked many films and he is even accused of taking drugs. In 2005, when he went to Dubai for his film's shooting, then he was accused of taking drugs. On 5th May 2001, Central Narcotics Control Bureau detained Fardeen Khan for 5 days as he was keeping Cocaine. Later he was released. Fardeen was not able to make his identity in Bollywood. After this matter, nobody gave him the film and his career was destroyed. Rahul Mahajan was taken to the hospital due to an overdose of Cocaine in the year 2006. That year only, his father was killed. After getting free from the hospital, Delhi police arrested him for keeping and talking Cocaine. Prasad Bidapa is a fashion designer. He was on Dubai tour in 2005, Police there caught him keeping 1.5gm Weed with him. When his urine was tested, they claimed that he takes weed. DJ Akil in 2007 went to Dubai, then 0.06 gm Ecstasy Drug was caught with him. He went to Dubai for Radio Program. However, police did not find any drugs in his blood. Father of Antra Mali's father and Film fashion photographer Jagdish Mali was destroyed so much because of Drugs that in the year 2013, he was seen with beggars. Salman Khan helped him. This year in May he died. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club