Bollywood came in support of Sunny Leone after a foul interview

Bollywood's baby doll Sunny Leone has spent 4 years in the film industry, her career was very struggled while making her image to porn star into Bollywood star. Sunny's new movie is an sex comedy and Tusshar Kapoor and Vir Das have played lead roles in the film. During a promotion Sunny gave an interview for a media channel, in this interview a journalist asked some wiered questions inappropriate questions. In the reply of these questions Sunny made made tremendous answers. For this encourage of Sunny people and Bollywood celebs are praising her. The controversial questions which Sunny gave answer politely :- Question - You wants to work with Aamir Khan but Aamir don't want to work with you because of your image. Are you happy with your image? Ans - He don't want to work with me because of my past image but I am Aamir Khan's fan and watches all his movies. I believed on realities not now but one day I will get the chance to work with big stars. Ques - Will you want to remove your past errors (being a porn star)? Ans - No, whatever I did, I again want to do 100 percent. I have not any guilt, whatever I have done in life that's why I am sitting at here. Ques - Housewives are scared of your popularity and have a wrong image about you. They feel uncomfortable for husbands because of you, what is your view? Ans - There are no need to worry for women I am not taking their husbands, I have my own husband. She said avoiding the matter If they all are hot, sexy and talented then sorry ladies I don't have interest in your husbands. After telecast of this interview Bollywood celebs came in the support of Sunny Leone and tweeted in the support of Sunny Leone.