Bipasha Basu revealed this hidden secret of Karan Singh Grover

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married on 30th April this year. 2.5 months have passed and Bipasha has got to know one secret about Karan Singh Grover. You will be shocked seeing this phase of Karan. Karan made everyone song when he sang a song for Bipasha in their wedding. Nobody know that Karan signs so well, he not only won Bipasha's heart but showed his new phase to his fans. Karan sketch Now Bipasha has revealed one hidden talent of Bipasha. Bipasha has shared some amazing sketch on social media. These are made by Karan only, in this he is seeing making sketch. Let me tell you, if Karan gets extra time during shooting, then he starts sketching. He is fond of it, but he never took it seriously, but Bipasha is very much impressed with this talent, so she shared this sketch with everyone. Salman also does the same.