Bigg Boss 10 : Navin Prakash got badly injured

Although the wall between the Celebs and the commoners has fallen down, but with this drama is not getting less. The earlier competition was between two teams and now is has started to happen between two individuals. The result is that members inside the house are getting aggressive. Due to this one member inside the house is injured. VJ Bani new captain in the house In upcoming episodes, you will see so much aggression amongst the members of the house during a task, which is strictly prohibited. Due to change in the situation inside the house, Bani is the new captain of the house and because of this, she will be saved in the nominations. Now one thing that members of the house are seeing it to get immunity for the nominations. According to the source, a news task will be given to the members, during this a tough competition happens between the contestants and during this Navin's shoulder gets badly injured. After this, he is given emergency exit from the house and make him admit in the hospital. Lopamdura's bikini avatar in the house After contacting the spokesperson of the show, then they accepted that Navin got injured during the task, but has refused to accept that he is taken out from the house. A spokesperson says that he was treated inside the house only. Getting physical is a punishable offense in the house. So let's see what punishment will Bigg Boss give to the one who did this. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017