Bigg Boss 10 : Makers are planning to take big step against Swami Om Ji

Swami Om Ji of Bigg Boss Season 10 is in news from the first day because of his weird behavior and talks. Om Ji is grabbing too many footages with his behaviors. But there is a bad news for the fans of this show and the news is Bigg Boss can throw Om Ji out of the house. Lopamudra showed her bikini avatar in Bigg Boss house Now only because of his behavior in the show, but hs is in news for his issues of his personal life. The case of Stealing against Om Ji is going in Delhi Court and a warrant is also issued against him. His name is linked with Arms act and in criminal cases like Tada. Shocking Monalisa gets pregnant in the house According to a report, 'Because of Criminal cases going on over Om Ji, Bigg Boss makers are planning to take a big step against him. According to the sources, Seeing the image of Om Ji, Makers have decided to throw him out of the house, because they don't want many kinds of problems to be created because of Om Ji. There is no doubt that his appearance in the show is giving too much TRP to the show, So will Bigg Boss really throw him out of the show. Let's see what happens. Indiawale has created too much drama in the show. A show is going perfectly because of some faces. So now let's see what happens. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List