Bigg Boss 10 : Intimate scenes between VJ Bani and Gaurav during a task

This week, too much drama was seen inside the Bigg Boss House, when Sunny Leone reached the house to meet the contestants. Here Sunny Leone controlled the process of Nomination and even gave the task to the contestant. So during the task, something happened between Bani and Gaurav, which made Sunny Leone shocked. Actually, Sunny gave a task to Bani and Gaurav, in which they did acting of intimacy and closeness, but I think Gaurav forgot that it was a task, so he did something which made everyone shocked. Gaurav kissed Bani on her neck and Sunny was shocked seeing this. Monalisa boyfriend is not happy with Mona and Manu After that Bani took an action and she pushed Gaurav on the side and have stopped talking to him. Let me tell you in starting there was nothing between her and Gaurav, after that they became friends and there was the time when Gaurav proposed Bani openly. Later it was said that Gaurav did this because of Publicity. Now how much this is a truth, but Bani is very angry with Gaurav because of that task. Sunny Leone excited to enter  Bigg Boss house Now with such incidents, an audience is getting entertained, but let's see how much advantage will show get with such type of activities. Last week, two contestants were eliminated from the house (Karan Mehra and Lokesh Kumari). Celebs were not at all happy with the elimination of Karan. On Lokesh elimination, Salman Khan was not looking happy. Everybody is giving an idea for the task given by Sunny Leone, but you will be shocked knowing the idea of Swami om Ji. Swami Ji said that Monalisa should kiss me in the video. Swami Ji before has given many absurd statements of Monalisa and he was even scolded by Salman Khan. You may also like :- Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List