Bigg Boss 10 : Gaurav Chopra made Mona Lisa cry

Now In Bigg Boss Season 10, daily some or the other person loses his patience. New name in the list is Gaurav Chopra. Yes, Gaurav Chopra, who was seen quite till no. On Saturday in front to Salman Khan, every house member declared him as a Villain of the house. It was Akansha's view that Gaurav remains good with everyone, but it doesn't happen. During the task, everyone house members were asked to give give title of a film to each other. Goody Goody Gaurav Chopra becomes ‘Khalnayak’ of the house When Mona Lisa got this chance, then she gave title 'Kaminey' to Gaurav. Members inside the house were shocked, whereas Gaurav was very angry. When everyone reached at living area then Mona gave herself to talk to Gaurav, then he said to Mona, 'Kya aap kisi ko bhi 'Kaminey' sirf isliye keh dengi kyoki apse baatchit ke dauran, us vyakti ki Awaaz apse Unchi Hoti hai? Kya ye koi samazdari wali baat hai?' On this Mona started crying, but Gaurav says further, 'I respect everyone. But when someone tried to cross the line, then I can even throw him back.' A video has been shared on an official page if Bigg Boss, in this whole is shown. You also see. Makers are planning to take big step against Swami Om Ji The show is getting too much TRP, as contestants inside the house are playing amazingly. Till now Priyanka Jagga has been thrown out of the house. Now lets see, who will go next. You may also like :- Lopamudra shown her bikini avatar in the house Shocking! Mona Lisa gets pregnant in the house Naagin tops in the TRP and Bigg Boss also seen in top 10