Bigg Boss 10 contestants list has been released

Next season of Bigg Boss will be soon in front of the audience. Premier of the show will be done on 16th October on Color channel. This time, show will be different for the audience because common people will be seen with Celebrity contestants. In Common person list, contestants are selected from different fields, in which some are struggling. There will be 14 contestants, in which common man and celebs will be included. 12 such contestants are selected, which will get the chance to stay in Bigg Boss house. Salman Khan is hosting the show. bigg-boss-1 1 : Ruchika Singh - Ruchika Singh is from Delhi and she loves reading spiritual books, Travelling and Party. bigg-boss-2 2 : Firoz Khan - Firoz is an actor and he loves singing. Apart from this, he loves Bungee jumping, Cycling, and sports. bigg-boss-3 3 : Kajol Tyagi - Kajol loves dancing and she loves interacting people. She is from Mumbai. bigg-boss-4 4 : Manoj Punjabi - Manoj is from Jaipur and he loves playing cricket, apart from this he loves watching the cartoon and doing party. bigg-boss-5 5 : Lokesh Kumari Sharma - Lokesh is from Delhi and she loves to dance, music and living life like a hippy. bigg-boss-6 6 : Maanveer Gurjar - Maanveer is a gym enthusiast and he loves doing wrestling. He is from Noida and is an owner of a dairy farm. bigg-boss-7 7 : Mandira Chauhan - Mandira is from Pune and she is linked to radio programming. She loves doing road trips and house parties. bigg-boss-8 8 : Nikhil Mehta - Nikhil is from Mumbai and he loves playing cricket. bigg-boss-9 9 : Priyanka Jagga - Priyanka is a job Recruiter and she is from Delhi. bigg-boss-10 10 : Naveen Prakash - Naveen is from Bihar and he is a teacher by profession. bigg-boss-11 11 : Nitibha Kaul - She is an account strategist and she is from Delhi. She loves doing singing and Dancing. bigg-boss-13 12 : Pramood Dahiya - He is from Haryana and he is an actor and writer. bigg-boss-12 13 : Dev Devgan - Dev is from Ludhiana and he is a businessman.