Bharti gave answer to Sidharth Sagar's slap

The audience has seen Comedian Sidharth Sagar in 'Comedy Circus' and 'Comedy Classes'. In this show, Sidharth style was loved by the people. It is been heard that for the new season of Comedy Night Bachao, Sidharth name was finalized, but at the last Sidharth had to leave the show. But what was the reason, that he was not included in the show? According to a report, the reason behind this is comedian Bharti Singh. Fights between Bharti and Sidharth started a few months back. Actually, During an act in Comedy Night Live, Sid had to act to slap Bharti on her face. But Sidharth in real slapped Bharti on her face. Anil Kapoor was a guest in this episode. Anil was also shocked seeing this that Sidharth in real slapped Bharti on her face. Well, Bharti did not reach during the show. But after the episode was over, Bharti complained. After that, Sidharth was seen very less in the show. News says that Sidharth was selected for 'Comedy Night Bachao Taza'. Sidharth even had final talks with the Production team. But when Bharti got to know this, then she became angry. Bharti went to the production team and said that if Sidharth will work in this show, then she will leave it. The production team had to select only one out of Bharti and Sidharth. So Bharti was selected and at the last Sidharth was asked to leave the show. So by this Bharti gave him the answer of his slap. You may also know : Bharti Singh over Competition  Krishna and Bharti failed to impress the audience