Bani's Bf reaction over question of closeness with Gaurav

The most discussed contestants of Bigg Boss house Bani many times have given hints about his relationship with Yuvraj Thakur. However, Yuvraj never has said anything about his relationship with Bani and he has also said that h doesn't see Bigg Boss. Bani many times is seen wearing his t-shirt on the show and she is seen crying seeing his photos. Not only this Gaurav has even given her hints about her bf, who is known as her friend in Bigg boss, if you are thinking that something is only cooking between Manu and Mona then you are wrong. Bani got emotional with this picture If to believe the report then Yuvraj has confirmed with that he was dating Bani and he met Bani in the gym. When his views were taken on her closeness with Gaurav in Bigg Boss, then he said that I have not seen Big Boss and he doesn't want to say anything. He was again asked that is he feeling insecure with Gaurav, he said that he is not insecure about it. Recently Gaurav and Bani had done a hot task in the bathroom, not let's see till when she will keep this as secret. Shahrukh Khan will promote Raees on Bigg Boss 10 Gaurav once was seen proposing Bani and it seems like Bani was also liking it, they even share their personal talks between them. Now let's see what happens at the Bigg Boss house next. You may also like :- Box office collection Superhit Movies List