Bani revealed her love story with Yuvraj Thakur

Bigg Boss 10 contestant VJ Bani is in the relationship with TV star Yuvraj Thakur. Well, Bani and Yuvraj are separate as Bani is in Bigg Boss house. However, despite Bani keeps talking about Yuvraj. According to the report, Bani J has revealed her love story with Nitibha Kaul inside the Bigg Boss house. According to Bani, One day, Yuvraj was in the gym and he was shirtless. On this, I said to my gym manager that until the time I'm in the gym no one can remove this t-shirt and then everybody started laughing. After this Yuvraj blushed and said that he wants to take a photo. On this, I said of you want to take the photo, take it with me. This is the first time when we talked. Topless photoshoot of VJ Bani is being viral After few days Yuvraj posted a message to Bani on Instagram. In this he wrote, 'Training partner should be like who understands you with your DNA level. When it comes to Bani then she is a girl, who can identify your toughest person in you and can take it out also.' I saw this post and I realized that this is too much of me. Well after this I used to see him in the gym only. He used to be in Funny Mood always. He used to smile when I used to see him. Then I realized that his smile is so cute. Bani is the strongest contestant says, Karan Mehra Bani mostly shares her abs pic on Instagram. Well, many times she even had to face criticism because of the Muscular body. Yuvraj has worked in shows like Hamse Hai Life, Bade Acche late Hai, and Kaisi ye Yaariyaan. Yuvraj uploaded a photo on Instagram, in which he is seen with Bani. Well, Bani's abs are not less than any hero. She is said that the fittest celebrity in India. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club