Baba Swami Om ji was seen irritating Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone in Bigg Boss 10

On the first day of Bigg Boss 10, Contestant Om Swami is in the discussion. Before entering the house, this baba who claims that he made Salman Khan a big star is in news these days. When the audience sees him on the screens, thne only one thing stricks his mind that to which contestants he will give his blessings. Contestants have started getting apart from Baba. Even Salman Khan was very much shocked with this baba on the opening day. He irritates audience and the contestants with his useless talks. Lets disuss his useless things : 1 - Baba claimed that he has found a girl for Salman Khan and he will not be able to refuse her. With his powers, he will try to make Salman Khan's biggest star in the world. 2 - Female contestants inside are house are not appreciated by other mens, but all the appreciations are getting from Baba Om Ji. Baba who knows about from fair face to beauty. He even says you are so fair, which country you are from. He even says that you are not beautiful from outside but is also from Inside. I will take you to your dreams. 3 - Baba who slapped women on a National TV, he things that female Contestants in the house are like Dugra, Laxmi, and Saraswati and says that now I'm not worried to worship goddess because I have this real goddess with me.' 4 - Baba also a unique thing that he only wants to answer all the questions asked. Deepika must have also thought that where had she come. The first baba told her as Laxmi because baba did not know Deepika's name. I know him very well, she is Laxmi.' Till the time Deepika was in the house, Baba did not let anyone talk to Deepika. 5- From the first day, contestants were seen talking to Baba with respect, but now Baba is making everyone bore with his talks. Now Baba is a joke to Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar, and other contestants. Baba says that he did not cries when he was born, but started speaking. Listening to this everyone was shocked. ' Well, now surrounding the house is getting heated up a bit, becuase Baba is now showing real face to the contestant. Baba was seen irritating Mona Lisa and Lopamudra. Now let's see how contestants will save themselves from the Baba. You may also know : 1st Day in Bigg Boss house Upcoming movies List