Baaraat Company Movie 2017 Release Date Cast – Ranveer Kumar

Plot -Baaraat Company follows the story of Iman Singh, who follows the steps of his grandfather and takes forward the business of forced arranged marriages. He is not in favor of love and is seen taking contracts of forceful marriages. He kidnaps bride or groom for his contract. He loves his grandfather and promises him that he will take his business ahead and will make sure that he never falls in love. But one day a girl comes into his life and he starts liking her and the man who once hated love stories and lovers, falls in love himself.
Name of the Film Baaraat Company
Producer  Archana Chanda
Director Syed Ahmed Afzal
Star cast  Ranveer Kumar, Sandeepa Dhar, Vishal Karwal, Anurita Jha
Genre Romance/Comedy/Drama Film
Release Date 28th July 2017
Music  –

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