Ashmit Patel Pakistan visa got cancelled because he kissed Meera on screens

In between of Banning of Pakistani artists in Bollywood, Ashmit Patel has revealed an interesting secret about Pak actress Meera. A few days back Ashmit did not get the visa to go to Pakistan because he gave intimate scenes with Meera on screens. In debut movie of Meera 'Nazar', Ashmit Patel was in the lead role. In this film, Many bold scenes were filmed between them in this Bhatt camp's film and both also had smooch on the screens, which was not liked by Pakistan audience. Seeing the current situation between Indian and Pakistan, Ashmit remembers those time and tells, 'When I was working in film 'Nazar', which was first India-Pakistan co-production film. I remember trailer of the film was launched in Karachi. That time people created issue after seeing the trailer.' The issue was created so much that Ashmit's Visa got cancel. Ashmit tells, 'There people started raising the question that how a Hindu actor can kiss a Pakistani actress, because of which my visa was canceled. I felt very bad.' However after this bad experience also, Ashmit has no problem with Pakistan actors or Pakistani's. Ashmit said, 'In-spite of this, I want to say that I'm not condemning any star. The artist is an Artist. I condemn terrorist. I'm happy that with what Fawad Khan did and we should also stand against terrorism.' Ashmit Patel these days is acting in serials as well as Films. Soon his film 'Dongri ka Raja' is going to release. He will be seen with Reecha Sinha. Ashmit these days is seen in Tv show 'Amma'. You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017