Arshad Warsi is definitely not happy with this Ban over note of 500 and 1000

Most of the Bollywood stars are appreciating the move of Narendra Modi's decision over banning notes of 500 and 1000. It is said as the surgical strike on Black Money. Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan also appreciated this move of PM Narendra Modi on social media. But actor Arshad Warsi has raised his voice against this decision. Arshad has expressed his anger over banning notes of 500 and 1000. People are facing too much problem on this decision, there is no doubt in it. But people are facing this problem as it is done of country's benefit. Bit some are not liking this decision of Modi government. One of them is Arshad Warsi. Arshad Warsi tweet, 'Due to Death of Black Money, all of a sudden I am feeling rich. Arshad Warsi to start shooting of Munnabhai 3 He again tweets, 'Sir Please enjoy your chair but please stop using the honest TAX payers as you Footrest.' His next tweet, 'If I am wrong then every criminal lawyer should give their TAX paid income to EOW because he is being paid a criminal.' Arshad Warsi in Aankhen 2 After this, he tweets, 'Modi Ji you want to improve India then change the one-sided law. Can I have my Tax Paid white Money back.' Next tweet, 'EOW takes my hard earned TAX Paid income from my back account and there is nothing I can do about it.' In his last tweet, he said, 'Dicks and Dictators are leaders.' After doing these tweets he came in news ad people started criticizing his tweet. You may also like :- Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016