Anil revealed why he is not seen with his son Harshwardhan

Anil Kapoor in in Bollywood Industry for 40 years, During this he worked in many great films. He also got many awards. he has lots of fan following. But he regrets that his own children are not his fans. They don't like their father's work. Anil Kapoor's daughter has made her own identity. Younger Sister Rhea became producer. Son Harshwardhan is also going to do his debut with the film 'Mirziya'. But nobody appreciates his work in the home. He told, 'we are very honest with each other work. No body in the house is each other's fan. Everyone pulls leg of each other. They never say that see our father has done such great work, even I don't appreciate anyone.' He also revealed that his children has not seen his much films. He told, 'My children have seen very less films of mine. Harshwardhan has not even seen 1 film, I guess. Anil told that when my serial '24' trailer was launched, same day Mirziya teaser was also launched. That day it was double happiness. He told, many people don't even know that I have a son. I also don't talk about my son to anyone. I think this will help him. He will make his own identity.