Amitabh wanted to be "Gabbar" in Sholay

Released on 15 August 1975, "Sholay" was the first 70 MM film of Bollywood. Till date also the dialogues of the movie are known to the people. Played the role of Jai in the movie, Amitabh remembers the memories related to the movie and shared it. He even said that he wanted to play the role of Gabbar in the movie. The role of Gabbar was first offered to Danny Sahab. Amitabh said that he and other actors have also expressed their desire to play the role, but Ramesh Sippy offered the role of Jai to him. Dharmendra Veeru and Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur. Due to the date issues of Danny ji the, Salim-Javed has approached Amjad Khan for the role. Although his voice was not considered appropriate for the role, but then it became iconic. Amjad Khan and Amitabh became god friends during the shoot. Amitabh Bachchan used to call him "Shorty". When people used to see us together they used to say look tall and short are coming together. Amitabh said the DOP of the film was Dwarka Divecha. He was a strict person. He used to call us for shoot by whistling. Amitabh said when Ramesh Sippy told us that the shooting will take place in Bangalore all were shocked, as at that time movies like these were shot in areas like deserts or forests, or areas like Chambal of Madhya Pradesh. A complete set of of the village was created there called "Ramgarh". Dharmendra ji was even left sleeping on the central point of the village for the whole night. Sholay was released during emergency. According to the decision of the sensor no action sequence would be shot with a height more than 90 feet. Second no law should be taken in hand. First Ramesh ji has shot a scene where Thakur's head has been smashed under the foot of Gabbar, but then the climax was changed.