Amitabh gave helmets to Mumbai police, appealed to change the rules

Amitabh Bachchan on Monday was seen at an event of Mumbai police. It was in regard to the traffic rules awareness. In this event he distributed helmets to the traffic police and also inaugurated the awareness hoarding. He appealed to follow traffic rules. He told how the treatment is being done with those who break these rules. Whenever he sees someone who breaks traffic rules he explains to them with great love. Big B judges the image of any country with its traffic system. He says whenever he visits any country he sees the traffic rules there. He feel proud for that country which has a good traffic system. He feels that the same needs to be done for our country as well. According to him all the police rules have been made by Britishers. Now we are free and we need to change those rules. He requested all the officials to pay attention to this. He said that if his voice and advice would create awareness, then he is happy to do so. He added that if he can sell tourism for Gujarat then he can do this also.