Amarendra Baahubali V/s Mahendra Baahubali : Who Is Your Favorite?

Who stands out or has stolen your heart, after watching the two parts of majestic Baahubali series? Amarendra Bahubali or Mahendra Baahubali? Being a movie buff it is quite natural to fall in love with the character on screen, and when we talk about Baahubali, you ought to have your own little love story or connect with anyone or more of the characters of the movie. Be it Talented Ramaya Krishnan, who has portrayed the fictional character of Shivagami, Actor Rana Daggubati, as Bhallala Dev, Beautiful Anushka Shetty, as Devasena, Vivacious Tammana as Avanthika or PRABHAS as Amarendra and Mahendra Baahubali, all of them have been exceptional in their performances. But the purpose of this discussion is to know your view, who is your favorite? The Father, Amrendra Bahubali, who took the maximum screen space in both the parts. The one who was a gracious prince of Maheshmati, a people’s person, a man with tremendous power and integrity. The Man who chooses to respect a woman’s dignity and be on her side and happily gives away the throne for it. Or the Son, Mahendra Bahubali, also named as Shiva by his foster parents. The young and dynamic character, full of vigor. The one who could lift a Shivaling (Lord Shiva Idol) all alone. A strong, sharp and adventurous young man, aspiring to climb the mountain with waterfalls, which are otherwise impossible to climb, and finally, makes it after several unsuccessful attempts. No matter whichever one is your favorite, the crown and the fans heart surely goes out to Prabhas who has brilliantly performed both the roles. You May Also Like Bollywood Movies 2017 Box Office Collection Upcoming Movies List