Ali Zafar started No Kissing Policy

Since the time Pakistani Actor Fawad has entered Bollywood, from them he demand is getting increased. He is a talented actor, this was proved from his first film. After Kapoor and Sons, every filmmakers are ready to cast him, but Fawad work in films with his condition, he don't like doing intimate scenes, but he has not kept any condition that he will not kiss any actress online. But actor Ali Zafar has kept this condition. Ali Zafar recently gave an interview to a newspaper and revealed that. He told, 'I'm those selective actors, who started the 'no kissing policy' in the film. This policy continued in my film Chasme Baddoor and came be implemented in my upcoming films. Actually, I don't feel comfortable in doing kissing scenes.' However, Ali said that he will not be seen kissing actresses in films. He said, 'I think that this freedom should be given to heroes in the film. See, can I remain in Bollywood with this policy or not. I don't say that I don't have problem in doing liplock. But I don't appreciate this.' Well it was heard that, Sunny Leone said to the makers that she will not kiss online. Sunny has not given any lip to lip kiss after Ragini MMS . Sunny Leones upcoming movie is Beiimaan Love. Rajneesh Duggal will be seen opposite her in this film. This film is directed by Rajeev Chaudhari. The film was widely shot in Dubai and Mumbai. Beimaan Love will clash with Sonakshi Sinha's Akira. You May Also Know : Fawad Khan Upcoming Movies Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies