Akshay spoke on issue of Hrithik and Kangana issue

Issues between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut are not starting. But now from Bollywood mostly want this issue to stop and get over. Hrithik and Kangana should compromise. Akshay Kumar also wants this. Akshay yesterday said in an event that he believes that issues between Hrithik and Kangana will end soon. Akshay put his opinion on the topic of 'War In Bollywood', he said, 'Where in Bollywood, it's going on in my building'. Akshay stays in that building where Hrithik Roshan stays. He said, see, we all want that this fight to now be ended. However, this talk should not have gone so far.But now it should be ended. All missunderstanding will be solved.' Let me tell you, issue between kangana and Hrithik was started when Kangana in a interview reffered Hrithik as her Silly Ex. Then Hrithik sents her a notice, so from here issue got raised.