Aishwarya finally made her comeback, signed 6 new films

This Friday, Sanjay Gupta directed movie of Aishwarya Rai is releasing. It will be deciding the future of Aishwarya. Although if consider the fact, it can be said that her comeback is final as for the next three years her dates have been booked. She has confirmed signing movies of director Sujoy Ghosh and Mani Ratnam and other directors. For the next three years, Aishwarya does not have dates. She has involved in more than 6 projects. Some of them have been announced, while some are still to be made official. In this regard with Sanjay Gupta's movie releasing this Friday it can be said that it is just a formality. She has a lot of projects lined up with her. She will soon be a part of the shoot of Karan Johar and will be going to London and then Paris. In this Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma are with her. In a recent meeting she conformed all these things. She told that with Sujoy she is doing 2 movies. The announcement of one has been done and the other is still remaining. They are doing sittings regarding the story of the movie. Talking about the film of Mani Ratnam, Aish said that it has moves ahead and they are again doing work on it. She conformed her signing of more than half a dozen movies. Aish told that with Rajiv Menon also the story has been decided. There are some more movies, who will soon be announced. She has confirmed some of the movies on her part. The movie of Karan is an intense love story. In this three characters are there, but this is a movie by Karan so you will see a lot of new things. Sarabjit is also an intense emotional story. Talking about the thriller movie releasing this Friday Aish said, Sanjay is a different sort of a director and that is why she signed this film. There were many narrations done for the movie. Some minor changes were also done in the movie. She is playing the role of a lawyer in the movie, who faces a lot of problems in her personal life. The other characters in the movie include Shabana ji, Irrfan Khan and others are also there. Sanjay has done perfect casting. He has done changes according to his style. She said she does not force her suggestions on the director.