'Airlift' movie review - Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur

Name of the Film Airlift
Critics Rating 4 Stars
Director Raja Krishna Menon
Star cast Akshay kumar and Nimrat Kaur
Genre War Thriller
Duration 2 hrs 10 mins
Date Released 22 Jan, 2016
Airlift is a wonderful Bollywood movie of realistic cinema, which has a smell of country love. Courage of those pilot and a one person who with his sharp mind becomes negotiator and saves many Indians lifes, so this real incident is known as 'Airlift'. Direction of Raja Krishna Menon is amazing. Akshay once again is in tremendous role and Nimrat Kaur is also expecting something good from her second movie. Film scenes gives you the feeling like that it is describing a poem of importance of life and country love. This story is of Ranjit Katiyal as well as those AirIndia soldiers who got many Indians from Kuwait. Film Story : Film tell us the story of 1990 when Iraq attacked Kuwait. Thousand of people were killed. Iraq solider use to ask passport of the people and then used to kill them. Film has shown, how in a difficult time and situation, 1lakhs and 70 thousand Indian were safely taken back to Indian. Film talks about the courage of Ranjit Katiyal, with his help, Indian Government was able to get lakhs people out from Kuwait to India. Akshay Kumar is playing Ranjit Katiyal role in the film, who is a Kuwait Business tycoon and Nimrat is playing his wife. Film gets serious, when Iraq attacked Kuwait, seeing this Ranjit wanted to leave Kuwait with this family, but when he saw many Indians are trapped in this war, so he stays there only to safe all of them and further story tell about his courage and the struggle, in which he helps Indian Government and the AirIndia Pilots to get Indian out of there. Akshay will be seen negotiating with Iraq solider. Music : Film has four songs. Amal Malik has given the music. 'Tu Bhula Jise' is sung by K.K, 'Soch Na Sake' is a solo song. Film is of 2 hours 10 mins. Acting : Akshay and Nimrat have worked for the first time together and their chemistry is looking amazing. Film has emotional and negotiation scene, there acting gets more real as movie gets forward. Film is larger than life. Nimrat fans will love her in this film. Akshay will be seen talking in Arabic language. Audience will love the acting of Akshay Kumar, the way he gets emotional and the way he negotiates. Why to watch : Many film are made on Indian-Pak war, but nobody has talked about the 25 years old rescue mission, one of the most successful mission in Kuwait. So, that's why you have to see the film. Akshay and Nimrat acting is worth watching and the courage of those pilots ho get Indian back from Kuwait. Because AirIndia's commercial planes have saved 1lakh 70 thousands Indian from Battle field where Guns and Bombs were exploding. When in a war, missiles are getting launched, from there getting so many life save is called Airlift.