Ahmed khan wants his one son to join the Army

Ahmed Khan who made films like Lakeer, Forbidden Lines and Pathshala says that he wants his one son to join army and serve the country. Khan said, 'I always wanted that one member of my family should be Army and serve the country. If I get a chance to do something for my country, then I will want my one son to join the Army. I don't know whether he wants to do this or not, But I want this.' He said, 'I am a country lover, and will serve the country in any way possible or in future will associate with Politics.' Ahmed who worked as child artist in Shekhar Kapur's 'Mother India' says that India's National Anthem always inspires me. Ahmed has recent choreographed Aksahy Kumar in Airlift in Soch Na Sake, Dil Chez Tujhe Dedi.