Actor Shahrukh Khan at his Father In law Funeral in Delhi

Shahrukh Khan's father in law and Gauri Khan's father passed away last night. As he got to know this, he cancelled his all assignment and came to Delhi with her wife. Today Funeral was done at Lodhi Colony. 3 This photo is of before Funeral, Gauri Khan is not seen anywhere, whole family is upset in this photo. 2 This is been told that Ramesh Chibber was admit in Escort Hospital after heart attack, he died around 8:55 on Tuesday night. 1 Karan Johar was also here with Shahrukh Khan and Gauri. Karan Tweets : Gauri was very much close to her father, Let em tell you, Ramesh shifted to Delhi in 1970, before he used to live in Hoshiarpur. He got married to Savita Chibber. They have two children, one son, whose name is Vikrant and second daughter Gauri Khan, who got married to Shahrukh Khan.