Abhijeet gave his clarification over using absurd language agaisnt a women journalist

Abhijeet Bhattacharya who got trapped in the controversy over using absurd language against Women Journalist, says that he is not going to be afraid of anybody, be it be police complaint or anything, he will not apologise on this issue. Abhijeet said, 'If I would have written 'Shameless Old Lady', then there would be no issue, but I wrote it in Hindi, so people are getting angry. People who are against me are Anti-National. They cannot make me afraid by filing a police complaint. I believe when they will go to file a complaint, then they will be shown exit gate.' He said, 'I started trend of 'Justice For Swati' on twitter, but she gave it a Communal angle, but it is not over yet, I will not apologise on this issue and will see those people later who are against me.' Let me tell you, Swati Chaturvedi got a complaint register against Abhijeet in Vasant Vihar police Station in Delhi. She will also file a complaint in Mumbai. This issue got started on twitter when Abhijeet told the murder of an INFOSYS employee as love Jihad. So journalist Swati Chaturvedi and some other criticised his tweet and said that he should be arrested got spreading communal pressure. Then Abhijeet started war against Swati. He also said, 'Besharam Bhudiya'.