Aamir Khan has something to say about politics and himself on his 52nd Birthday

Aamir Khan might not hesitate in expressing his opinions on various social-political issues, even if that lands him in trouble. But being part of politics doesn’t feature in the superstar’s plans. Through his TV show Satyamev Jayate, Aamir, more or less, became the unofficial ambassador of awareness about social issues like female foeticide, farmer suicide and honor killings. In 2015, he became one of the first celebrities to address intolerance in the country as he said he was alarmed by the incidents of religious intolerance. Today, on the occasion of his 52nd birthday, the actor was asked if he has plans of joining politics in the future. Replying with a certainty, Aamir said, “No. Politics is not for me. I feel there’s a lot I can contribute, staying in the creative field that I am in. As an artist, a creative person, there’s a lot I can contribute to society, to the nation. I would like to do that from where I am, I don’t want to change.” His opinion on intolerance brought him under a lot of criticism and created fire, with people demanding the boycott of his films. When asked if as a celebrity he feels he needs to be more careful while sharing his views, Aamir said that he has never been callous in giving his opinions. “I’ve always been careful. I don’t think I’ve been careless on giving my opinions on matters. I’ve always been careful and will hopefully continue to be so but also continue to say what I feel,” he said.