4 Indian Movies, Which Grossed More Than Rs 500 Crore Worldwide.

There was a time in Indian Film industry when a movie’s success was dependent on not on the money that it has earned but by its longevity on theatres. The long innings of the movie on theatres was directly proportionate to its box-office earnings, but the makers and the fans seldom highlighted the fact. No wonders that the veteran actor Rajender Kumar was called Jubilee Kumar because all his movies used to make Silver Jubilee in cinemas. But now considering the competition, movies screening of television, risk of piracy and other alternative Medias available where one can watch the movie, the longevity of the movie on theatres is not considered an important factor to mark the success of a movie. Instead, the revenue that it has generated becomes the most important benchmark of success. Until some time back, a movie earning or touching 100 crores club was considered a big deal and was not an easily achievable benchmark. And now with the latest offerings of Bollywood industry and their success at the Box Office, '100 crore' or 200 crore club's existence and importance is also fading away. ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ has marked a history with its epic success at the box office and with pride stands at the first position of 500 Crore Club Movies, with a collection of Rs.1530.00 Crore worldwide and still counting. Next in number, and at the second position is ‘Dangal’ with whopping Rs. 1743.00 Crore worldwide. At the third position, ‘PK’ shines with 831.50 Crore of earnings from worldwide And at the fourth position ‘Bhaaubali – The Beginning’ sits with a lifetime collection of 650.00 Cr worldwide.
Movie Name Release Date Domestic Collection (Nett) Worldwide Collection (Gross)
Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion 28 Apr 2017 1001.00 1530.00 Cr
Dangal 23 Dec 2016 387.38 Cr 1743.00 Cr
PK 19 Dec 2014 340.8 Cr 831.50 Cr
Baahubali – The Beginning 10 Jul 2015 327.75 Cr 650.00 Cr
All these movies have marked an important place in the history of Indian Cinema and their success stories will be remembered forever by the cinema lovers.