30 Lakhs view of Shirish Kunder short film 'Kriti' on Youtube

Shirish Kunder directed film 'Kriti' who was in controversy is now been loved by the audience. This film has been seen on Youtube more than 30 lakhs time and Shirish is very happy with this. He has to face legal issues of his film copyright. Radhika APte and Manoj Bajpai are seen in important role. Shirish tweets on Monday, 'Thriller film 'Kriti' crosses 30 Lakhs viewTruth can be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped. One Nepali filmmaker claimed that Shirish Kunder has copied my film 'Bob'. Now Makers of ‘Kriti’ has claimed 5 crores from Aneel Anil Neupane as he could recover his loss. Before this Shirish said that Kriti who was facing copyrights issue, was released back on Youtube on 15th July. Manoj Bajpai, Neha Sharma, Radhika Apte are in lead role in this film. Seeing this response towards the fim, Shirish is planning to make this as whole feature film. This film was released on 22 June. Actually the case was Nepali filmmaker has alleged that story of Kriti is stolen from his film ‘BOB’. However, Shirish has denied this allegation and claimed that his film Kriti was ready before the BOB. Due to Copyright act, this film was automatically removed from Youtube. Delhi Cm Arvind Kejriwal also appreciated this short film, he tweets, 'Amazing Film Shirish Kunder'. Manoj is seen suffering from a psychological disorder. Now lets see, will Shirish be able to recover his loss or not, Infact, this film is doing nice right now, people are loving it. You May Also Know: Short Film 'Kriti' Manoj Bajpai Upcoming Movies