Piku Bollywood Movie 2015 Official Trailer

Piku is the story of a father-daughter of an ordinary Bengali family. their relationship is lowered so closely on screen that suddenly think oh my father was so similar.from the top of constipation and defecation. Hindi films in the light of creative courage to bring the story to the screen Juhi Chaturvedi and Sujit government has shown.After 'Vicky Donor', both once again proved that the writer and director of both mutual understanding can bring unique and exciting results. "Piku" is a time of our family history. - Piku is a free and modern girl of Delhi Cittdranjan Park. she tries to balance between personal life stays and career ,family. Father-jams his day, but he does not disrespect the father. she also have to blush many times because of her father. Even the father can open the mystery of his life among strangers, which may Piku potential husband. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeiKUlUUNQ8