Orlando Attack : Kavita Says, Gay community have no rights to live

Bollywood short term actress Kavita Radheshyam is trapped in issue. In her Fb post, she wrote something, because of which people got angry and started commenting on her post. Her post was not only criticised in India, but also outside. Kavita has written a post on Fb regarding killing done in Orlando in Gay Club, she wrote, 'Felt Very Sad About. Orlando Shooting. Aren't LGBT Against Nature? Whatever Is Against Nature, Shouldn't Live..' She is also activist against Animal cruelty. She came in news,when she posted her nude photo for anumal project. Kavita is said as India's Kim kardashian. Gay Community has expressed her angry on Kavita. Director of Mr Gay World Asia Igor Sorcogel opposed her on fb and wrote, " Dear Kavita Radheshyam race , religion , sex, does not matter , we are all human beings .' Everyone has right to love anyone. People have lost their life. Actors should promote human rights. Kavita did not stop here, she posted again, she worte, Opposing my post, will not change my views, who all are against nature, should not be saved. She said, 'I am sad that people are killed, but I'm against Gay and Lesbian. Their behavious is not natural and they spread HIV, Aids.'