Movie Review: Chef – Saif Ali Khan

Chef Movie
Name of Movie Chef
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★
Director Raja Krishna Menon
Star cast Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya, Svar Kamble
Genre Drama Film
Duration 2 hours 13 Minutes
Date Release 06 Oct 2017

Plot: The movie ‘Chef’ is about a three-star Michelin chef Roshan Kalra York (Saif Ali Khan) who lives in New York.  He is a hot-headed man and gets fired from his job when he punches a customer. The chef then is forced to take a break from his work and then he decides to spend some time with his son who lives with his divorced wife in India Cochin. His otherwise short trip to India turns out to be a fruitful one for him as he gets to learn what he was missing in his life for so long.

Review: The movie ‘Chef’ is an adaptation of Hollywood’s loved movie by the same name. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that usually, the adaptations from foreign movies have major chances of going wrong. But here the director Raja Krishna Menon has beautifully moulded the story as per the taste and liking of Indian audience and for those who have seen the original Hollywood movie, might wonder if it really is an adaptation as it is quite different from it.

The movie is a gastronomical adventure and if you are even a wee bit foodie, you seriously going to love the movie and chances are that you might feel hungry while looking at the food in the movie.

The story of the movie is heart-tugging and sweet and talks about our values, family and love. The direction of the movie is superb and so are the performances by Saif Ali Khan, his son role played by Svar Kamble, his ex-wife Padmapriya Janakiraman, his friend and Sous Chef, the role played by Chandan Roy Sanyal and Dinesh P Nair as food truck driver.

The music in the movie is engaging and has that lingering effect. ‘Darmiyaan’, ‘Banjara’ and ‘Shugal Laga Le’ are our favourites from the movie.  It was right when Saif declared it to be his best work so far, his character Roshan Kalra is just loveable in the movie and his earnest acting is sure to win your heart.

All in the entire movie is a delicious treat for your cinematic taste buds.

Why To Watch: The movie speaks aloud about family values, love and family bonding. It makes you go laugh aloud and get teary eyed. We recommend it as a good watch with family over the weekend.

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