Movie Review: Amazon Obhijaan – Dev Adhikari, Svetlana Gulakova

Amazon Obhijaan Movie
Name of Movie Amazon Obhijaan
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee
Star cast  Dev Adhikari, Svetlana Gulakova
Genre Thriller/Adventure/Thriller Film
Duration 2 hours 20 Minutes
Date Released 22 December 2017

Plot: The movie is a continuation of the previous installment of the sequel “Chander Pahar”. Dev Adhikari will be seen again in his previous character of Shankar, who is an adventurer. This time he is in a search of the mysterious land of gold. He is exploring the length and breadth of South America, including the vast jungle of Amazon. His exploration is, as usual, laden with natural difficulties confronting wild animals such as anacondas,  jaguar, black caimans, savage tribes and even vicious gold diggers. In his expedition, he fights with every danger and reaches the mythical city of El Dorado.

Review: Amazon Obhijaan is the sequel to 2013 film Chander Pahar which has been penned and directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee who also directed its prequel. Previously it was African safari, now it will be the dense and dangerous Amazon rainforest. The movie is based on 2017 Graphic novel written by the director Kamlesh Mukherjee himself. The film has been shot extensively across Brazil, including underwater at two rivers, Rio Solimoes and the Rio Negro.

The films seem to have a potential to have a higher grossing movie, looking back to the film’s official poster’s response released on 4th Nov this year at the Mohun Bagan Ground. The poster of Amazon Obhijaan got Guinness book world record and broke the previous record of Bahubali’s poster.

Why To Watch: The movie has all reasons to watch the cinematography, the altogether different plot, the devilish scenic beauty of the jungle and great direction. It seems enough reasons to visit the theatre.  So friends, be ready for the expedition to the rainforest and experience the adventure to confront dangerous forest creatures which will take your breath away.

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