Monalisa BF is not happy because of her closeness with Manu Punjabi

Contestant Monalisa of Bigg Boss 10, her boldness can ruin her real life. It is been heard that her closeness with Manu has made his boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajput angry. Priyanka Jagga has given auditions in B-Grade movies Monalisa entered Bigg boss as a celebrity, but she is more close to Indiawale. from starting only Monalisa's maximum time is spent with Manu Punjabi or Manveer Gurjar, but lot's of things are talked about Manu and Mona closeness. Monalisa is a Bhojpuri actress and she is going to get married to Vikrant Singh Rajput who is her BF, but now he is confused. However, Vikrant is thinking that it is a drama, when she will come out, then everything will be fine. But for his family and him, such things are not good to see. Don't do thigs like Veena Malik because people are smart and they cannot be made fool. It seems like lot's of the problem will be seen in her real life after she gets eliminated from the house. She has to give answers to all the questions to her BF. Manveer got uncomfortable between Mona and Manu Talking about the latest episode, actress Sunny Leone gave some special tasks to the house contestant and now in today episode she will be seen inside the house. Bigg Boss slowly and gradually is getting interested. Till audience are believing that Priyanka Jagga will be back in the show. You may also like :- Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club