Miss Tanakpur spot surrounding in Controversies' Ban in Muzaffarnagar' -

The director Vinod Kapdi film ' Miss Tanakpur' before release is already spot in controversy. Now a khap panchayat has warned of serious consequences on the release of the film. Then Vinod Kapdi said the film would not release in Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh. - Being told that the Khap Panchayat objected to scenes of the film. Khap panchayat said director to remove these scenes from the film. But Vinod Kapdi did not do so. He showed the film to High Court judges, who did not see any flaws in the film. So the khap panchayats of Uttar Pradesh in Muzaffarnagar warned not release it here. - Director Vinod Kapdi claims that the film has been banned in Muzaffarnagar. 'Miss Tanakpur ... "is a social satire, which has been hurt on panchayats. In the film, a young man accused of raping Buffalo. After this the village panchayat decree of to marry the young man with Buffalo. - Please tell that as filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani has praised 'Miss Tanakpur '. Yet the film does not stop protesting. Vinod Kapdi said "The film is going to resist its very regrettable. I think we are living in a chaotic society. Anyone who wants to show my movie theaters how can threaten to sabotage that is a social satire? This abuse of power for khap.