It is impossible to Cast Salman Khan and SRK in a film

Karan Johar name is always joined with Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. People only have expectations with Karan Johar that he can get Shahrukh and Salman in a film. But Karan Johar has thrown water on the expectation, well what he is saying is correct that, Can;t afford Shahrukh khan and Salman Khan in a film. For such film, you have to do lot's of hard work, but before that Karan Johar has to search such a reporter who has account in Swiss Bank. Otherwise he is a happy with his new and small actors. Some days back karan Said that, SRK and Salman should do such role that no one can steal from them. Film can be made but two superstar in a film, so that means equal role, that also means both powerfull role, that too equal.