It is mandatory to stand in the respect of National Anthem inside the Cinema Halls : Supreme Court

National Anthem is played before any film is started in a Cinema hall, but Supreme Court has set some guidelines for this.According to the decision of Apex Court, National Anthem will be played in the Cinema halls and audience has to stand for the respect of this National Anthem. Well, last month a petition was filed in a supreme court regarding this case, in which it was demanded that National Anthem should be played before any film is started in Cinema halls. The petition filed by Shyam Narayan Chauksey is was said in that National Anthem is the integral part of Indian Independence, the sentiment of the masses are attached to it. The petition also demanded to issue a protocol for the playing or singing of the anthem at functions where constitutional dignitaries are in attendance. Supreme court to hear appeal of Rajasthan government This case when came in front during starting off this year, when a family was mistreated when they did not stand during National Anthem. Well, Family apologized and said that it was their mistake. SC rejected Rajpal Yadav's petition Apart from this also many cases have happened when many fights are seen because of not standing on the respect of National Anthem. After this decision of Supreme Court, this matter is clearly solved. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List