Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Mumbai Mist’ Trailer Will Surely Give You Goosebumps

Madhur Bhandarkar’s short film ‘Mumbai Mist’ will be screened at the BRICS Film Festival with four other short films. The event started yesterday and will continue till 27th  Of June. Today the trailer for the short film was released and it is truly heart touching. It features veteran actor Annu Kapoor and child actor Devrath Mudgal. The trailer shows a beautiful relationship of an old man and ragpicker. It starts with Annu Kapoor asking his son, “Kab Tak Aa Jaoege?”, and he tells him to come as soon as possible. Then it shows the lonely life of Annu Kapoor, the background score of Mukesh’s ‘Aawara Hoon’ simply justifies the situation. We see Annu Kapoor alone, feeling bored and lonely. Then it shows the bond between the 11-year old ragpicker, played by Devrath Mudgal and 60-year old Annu. They become good friends and spend time with each other, Annu celebrates his birthday for the first time. But unfortunately, all of a sudden Devrath goes missing and Annu Kapoor who is now very much emotionally invested in him puts all his energy in finding him. ‘Mumbai Mist’ is one of the favourite short films in the BRICS Film Festival. The director Madhur Bhandarkar said, “it is an emotional film and it will make you think. The story is written by Sanjay Chhel and Priyanka Ghatak.”  He also shared that Annu Kapoor shared an awesome chemistry with the child artist, and Devrath has also done a phenomenal job. Madhur is set for his another Bollywood release ‘Indu Sarkar’, which is based on the Emergency and will release on 28th July. You May Also Like Bollywood Movies 2017 Box Office Collection Upcoming Movies List