Know why Shabana Azmi appreciated Shahrukh Khan

Shabana Azmi is appreciating Shahrukh Khan after watching his film 'Fan'. If she is appreciating someone then that is worth taking. If Shahrukh Khan is appreciated then, its importance increases up. Shabana Azmi recently saw Shahrukh khan's film, she was so impressed with his acting that, she could stop herself from appreciating him. She wrote, 'Saw Fan, 'Gavrav's character is your best ever. Congratulation.' After that Shahrukh wrote, 'Thankyou Ma'am, Javed sahib gave me a beautiful poem to read after watching it. Now I have ‘cent percent’ marks.' Shahrukh Khan played double role in Maneesh Sharma directed film, one character was of Aryan Khanna and second was of Gaurav Khanna. Fan was not able to impress the box office much, but he has been appreciated for his acting.