Know how Danial fell for Sunny Leone

Some photos of Sunny Leone and her husband Danial Weber of Christmas are out, in which their chemistry is looking like new pair. They both got married 8 years ago. Both of them in an interview told their love story. How Sunny fell for Danial... Danial says that, 'I saw Sunny for the first time is Las Vegas in a restaurant. I went their with my band for a show and Sunny came there with her friends on a holiday. It was love at first sight. Sunny tells the further story, 'That day Danial came towards me and asked my name and went to his table and whenever I used to go to that restaurant then I always get a bouquet. I loved this ways of Danial. But Sunny did not say yes so easily. She tell us, 'Danial was with me everytime. When I met him, then I loose my mom. I was in depression. I was so upset that any guy would have left me seeing my condition, but Danial did not go. After dating three years, we got married. He took care of me after my Dad's death.' According to Danial, 'He was able to understand the importance of family because of Sunny and came close to her.' Both hobbies are same Danial tell that, 'We are fitness freak. We had gym in our house, have membership of other gyms too. Sunny loves travelling oceans placed. She is fond of shopping. Sunny always gift Danial a adventurous trip on his every Birthday. Sunny and her Anger Danial tell that, 'Sunny has lots of patience, but whenever she gets angry then I have no strength to go to her. I want her anger to get decrease.' Sunny says that Danial is also aggressive. Memorable wedding Sunny told her marriage happened with all rituals, took rounds in Gurudwara and in evening she got married in Jewish tradition. कैसे हुआ था डेनियल को सनी लियोनी से प्यार, जानें पूरी लव स्टोरी डेनियल को पहली नजर में हुआ था सनी लियोनी से प्यार, जानें पूरी लव स्टोरी डेनियल को पहली नजर में हुआ था सनी लियोनी से प्यार, जानें पूरी लव स्टोरी