Karan Johar talks about Shahrukh Khan

Filmmaker Karan johar is soon getting his Biography. Name is - 'An Unsuitable Boy', which is written by Poonam Saxsena. He told this in Jaipur Literature Festival and talked about issues related to him. My Unusual Childhood- In my childhood I had feminine touch. I used to be called Pancy and I hated this word a lot. I was different from other children, thinking this I could not sleep during nights. During that time I got supported by parents. People say I have shown Homosexuality in negative manner in my films. I am the first actor to raise this issue in the films. Many youngsters thanks me with a letter and said that our parents understood this with my film. I can be a hero- My mother loves me alot. When my weight was 150 kgs, then also she said that I am the most beautiful child. My father use to say that if i reduce my fat then I can be a hero in hindi films. Hard Times I faced in my life- I have also been from difficult times. Father (Yash Johar) film also got flopped. Financial crisis. House and jewellery were also sold. Suddenly, Father's friend stopped calling him launch party. First time I saw my dad broken. Seeing him I also was broken. Relation with Shahrukh Khan- Shahrukh Khan is a part of my family. He has been with from starting and never went off. Shahruh, his wife Gauri and his 3 kids are part of my family. He plays an important role in my life. I love him alot, which is very strong, every relation faces problem, we also faced, but out connection is very strong and will remain strong. About the Biography- People think that being son of Yash Johar I never struggles in life. My life is very comfortable, but everyone has their own struggle. Many perceptions are made on Orientation and Sexuality. I have faced this fear. To know about me book was very important.