Kangana believes that her Personality is stronger than Deepika

Everybodies eyes was on kangana Ranaut in a brand event. This was the first time she was talking about Hrithik Roshan in a Public platform. There were questions also. But purposly Kangana started another thing. ‘Strong doesn’t mean that you you move forwards without getting inspired or bad reaction. Meaning of strong is to stand against it. I don’t want to talk about it. I will talk with right time will come. For now give me my space.’ One more thing Kangana said in an event. THis was about Deepika Padukone. In this you can see her angry. First this brand was with Deepika. On taking over, Kangana siad, 'Brand needed strong personality with beautiful face. Things change according to time. THis is a process and we take over someones brand, someone take overs our brand.' kang Here Kangana B'day was also celebrated. Here is was trying to keep her sister Rangoli far. After cutting the case, when she was said to give pose, then she said Rangoli has gone and she onle gave pose. Kangana said, 'Don't click Rangoli, she feels weird. Then Suddenly Rangoli came and started getting photos clicked. With this it feels like Kangana is unsecure with her family.