Jackie's Daughter again posted her Top less Pics on Insta

Jackie Shroff's daughter Krishna once again shares some top less photos with fans on social media. Few day back, Krishna posted a topless on Instagram, which was in news for long. Krishna recent topless photo looks quite artistic. Krishna is lying on the bed in these black and white photos and she is wearing nothing above. In the pic Krishna is touching her hair and in one the photos some of Krishna's face is visible, but in the second one her face is not at all visible.This photo has her whole back side. It is difficult to guess that if she totally nude or just topless. Krishna has shared these photos on Instagram. She said, 'It's just that I did a photoshoot with my Bestfriend in the bedroom. During this time there was no one else present. My friend who is a photographer is making their portfolio for further career. I can share some artistic photographs on the Instagram account. " When asked about photos of Jackie Shroff, he said, "I do not believe in interfering in the lives of my children, he said. Tiger and Krishna are both intelligent, they knows when, what to do. As far as the answer is concerned,Krishna can answer about this. " Krishna when first shared her topless photos on Instagram, then it was heard that she want to debut in Bollywood like his brother Tiger.krishna But so far there has been no official announcement.