Income tax department sent notice to Shahrukh Khan

One hand Shahrukh Khan's movies are not doing good at the box office on the other hand now Income tax is increasing problems for the superstar. Recently the income tax department have sent a notice to Shahrukh and soon the department will deeply check the overseas property of the star. Shahrukh Khan has lots of property in Britain and Dubai. According to a report, IT has sought details of these properties. However it is not clear that Shahrukh khan has black money in foreign or not. According to the sources, which notice IT has send to Shahrukh comes in the income tax act section 131. In this act the investigation officers have the full order to investigate properly. According to the sources, then this notice only IT has not only sent to Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, even some industrialists also got the same notice from IT. These are those industrialists who have invested through Singapore. The step of IT is noticeable for its time. Actually these days Modi Government is investigating for Indians who have not announced their properties in overseas to complete their promise to people for revealing black money in India. However the government has also announced to give some benefit to them who themselves will announce their black money. From the time Shahrukh Khan has commented on Intolerance its looks like the time for the superstar has changed and not only his movies but his other issues are also making headlines. You may also like :- Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies Shahrukh Khan's view on piracy