HC said, when there is no problem with Go Goa Gone, then why with Udta Punjab

Justic Dharmadhikari compared Udta Punjab with other film Go Goa Gone adn said that in the film Goa was seen as party place and they go to the party and try banned drug. He said, 'When Goa can be shown in that way, what is there in showing Punjab wrong ?' The Central Board of Film Certification, however, submitted that all the 13 changes including deletion of Punjab in the film title suggested by its Revising Committee were justified and proper. Lawyer said, 'We are making an objection on Punjab, about the people there and language used.' After listening to the argument, court said he is not satisfied with two suggestion of removing name of Chandigarh, Amritsar, Tarantaran, Jashnapura, Moga and Ludhiana from the film. Censor Board has taken time till Friday for the answer, after that Court dismisses the hearing. Anurag Kashyap's laywer, Ravi Kadam said that censor board passed this order by with out using brain. He said, 'Punjab is important for the concept of the film and it cannot be deleted.