Guddu Rangeela And Second Hand Jawani Started With Poor Openings.

Guddu Rangeela and another movie Second Hand Husband both had started with poor opening. Although we can say Guddu Rengeela be being better opening at most places. The movie Second Hand Husband had opened better in only Punjab or a few other centres of North India. Even in Punjab also it's opening was low because another film 'Sadaarji' is still continues in Punjab which damage its earning. The other movie Bezuban Ishq of the week is a get off with hardly any collections. Guddu Rangeela and Second Hand Husband are waiting on their Saturday numbers but a huge growth may be required them to get their film run for two weeks. The Hollywood film Terminator Genisys also did not open well with only screens showing the 3D format showing somewhat fair collections but the numbers from the 3D format should help it have better collections than the Hindi releases though the opening day will be on lower side.