Ghulam Ali will launch the music of 'Ghar Wapsi' In Delhi

Producers of Indian Film 'Ghar Wapsi' has announced that Ghulam Ali will launch the music of the film in New Delhi on 4th April. Before this music was to launch in Mumbai on 29 January, but it could not happen because of Shivsena protest. Film's producer Suhaib Ilyasi has demanded security for the famous Pakistani gazal singer. Ilyasi says that Ghulam Ali got threatened from Shiv Sena so we changed the launch program from Mumbai to Delhi. Ghulam Ali has sung country love song, he is also acting in the film. Ilyasi said, I hope Delhi Government will give adequate protection and the program will be completed without interruption. Ilyasi told in his official statement that Shivsena's Sanjay Rawat said that he will not let Ghulam Ali to enter India. Shiv Sena is strong in Delhi. So we are demanding for his security.