Film Writer of Aligarh got abused by a filmmaker, got epic answer

Few days back, a big filmmaker called the writer of Aligarh Apurva Asrani and abused him. But the news is not abuse, one word, 'Chutiya'. Apurva wrote a facebook post, which was not like by this filmmaker. Result, 'Chutiya'. Apurva did not reply him, nor he showed it in media for the publicity, he again wrote a post as answer and he got the answer, Now he understood or not, but Apurva his motive got fulfilled. He also told people that a word can can open all the curtains of you thinking. We asked Apurva the name of the filmmaker? Apurva answer was shocking. He gave the Scoop. He said, 'my motive is not to insult anyone, Many incident happened with me, I felt it and I shared that thing in my close group and one should not use such word, which are used for women's insult. Apurve wrote, ' A filmmaker, Assuming I was talking about him in my last post, messaged me with abuse and called me Chutiya.' While I think he is entitled to his bitter rant. I have a huge problem with Chutiya being used as an abuse. I think that part of a women anatomy deserves greater respect. It is after all the divine portal that birthed us. Time to stop using in Fifthy tones, no? May be that way filmmaker like him, who usually tell angry tales of testosterone, will finally stop objectifying women in their work.'