Fatwa controversy: VHP says that it is time for Rahman to go back home

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Thursday appealed A R Rahman to return to the Hindu religion and said that it is time for him to go back home. He was being given fatwa for giving lyrics in a song of the movie Muhammad. The head Surendra Jain said he will be welcomed in Hindu religion with open arms and said that he has adopted Islam due to some other reasons. He said fatwa against Rahman is sad and it is the revenge cause included in it. He has created a song lyrics for a movie that was not based on any religion. Surendra Jain said to the reporters that he will appeal to Rahman to come back. Hindu community is waiting for their son. We will welcome him with open arms and will assure that he is not getting any harm. Calling back home is a very controversial program that includes to bring back some special Hindu communities from Islam and Muslim to come back. Irani Director Majid Majidi has directed a movie Muhammad: the messenger of god". The Raja academy of Mumbai has stood against it and has registered fatwa against A R Rahman and Majidi. They had said that the movie is against Islam. A R Rahman on this has said that he has made the tune of the song with a clear heart. It is not meant to hurt anyone's intention. The central minister of VHP Mahesh Sharma supported his words. He said that Ramayana, Mahabharata and Geeta should be made a part of the school curriculum.  He even suggested to teach religion and fight for the right to the children.