Fans gathered around the Ranchi Stadium to see the shooting : MSD- The untold story

Ranchi College grounds on Monday morning appeared lively. Even at six in the morning, whole team has reached of "MSD-the Untold Story '. Light started, camera started and then action within sometime crowd gathered there. Everyone wanted to see the shooting of the movie made on MSD. Fans were eager to see a glimpse of the film's hero Sushant Singh Rajput. Shooting of Match Scene The scene of match was filmed on the field. The artists in white dress appeared in the field. Score Board was also imposed for which scene should look real. Shooting continued till late evening. A crew member said, " There will be one day more shooting in the college. Also, many of the parts will be shooting in Ranchi. Tight Security For no scene gets leak, for this heavy security is implemented. More than 40 guards were surrounded around the stadium. People were allowed to see it from far. Photographers were facing many problems while clicking the pictures. Security guards were requesting people not to use camera. If any photo got leaked then shooting will be stopped. People were seeing the shooting from the roof People were seeing the shooting from the Hostels near the field, IMS Building and houses. Ranchi college student Surabhi said "did not understand anything from far".